Health & Fitness

Paramount/Free Weight Orientation

Members are introduced to the Paramount circuit, recumbent bikes, stair steppers, ellipitcal machines, Jacobs Ladder and treadmills. If requested, they are also introduced to the use of free weights and proper lifting techniques. Orientations are held by appointment. Call the Y 217-935-8307 or sign up at the Courtesy Desk and allow 1 hour for orientation. The orientation is not intended as a personal training session.

Aqua Stretch

Enjoy this new way to dramatically increase your flexibility. Dynamic stretches in the water result in much greater range of motion in joints. Aqua Stretch is a one-on-one time where pool work will be scheduled. Start enjoying the benefits of Aqua Stretch now!

Must be a Y member

$19.00 per hour or 10 hours for $170.00

Please consult your physician before starting an exercise program.