As a member of the Clinton community YMCA, you open the doors to year round fun, recreation and learning. Members also receive BIG discounts on classes and activities.

How do I pay for my Y Membership?

Memberships are paid by either drafting a savings / checking account or credit / debit card draft. Memberships may be paid in full annually. We also offer short term, temporary memberships. We do not offer an option of payment being "walked in" or mailed in every month due to the difficulty of maintaining records. Memberships are continuous until canceled. To cancel a membership, please fill out a cancellation form from the front desk. Cancellations need to be completed prior to the 1st of the month to stop the draft on the 8th. On Jan. 1 all membership rates increases go into effect. A joiner fee is charged at sign-up for new memberships or those who's membership has been cancelled or lapsed.

Family Dependents

Anyone who resides in the same household may be included in a Family membership.

Members or guests who behave in ways that are counter to our character values may have membership or visiting privileges suspended without refund. we reserve the right to terminate, suspend or deny membership or guest privileges.


Children six and under must be under the direct supervision of a parent or adult guardian or in the babysitting room. Free child care (2-hour limit) is available for 6 weeks - 6 years old. Children seven and older may use the facility without a parent or adult guardian. Seven year olds are not allowed inthe Child Care Room. We strongly encourage you to evaluate your own child's readiness to be unsupervised in the YMCA.

Wellness Center & Free Weight Room

Youth ages thirteen - fifteen must go through an orienttion to use the Wellness Center and Free Weight Room. Youth twelve and younger are not permitted in these areas.


Youth twelve and younger must be accompanied by an adult to play. Safety glasses are recommended.

Aerobics Classes

Youth thirteen - fifteen may participate insome exercise classes with a parent. check with the Fitness Director. Youth twelve and younger are not permitted in the aerobics room (except on approval by Fitness Director of for Youth Classes).


Children six and younger must be accompanied in the water (arm's reach) by a parent or an adult. Children five and older are expected to use the same sex locker room or the family changing room with a parent. Swim diaper is required under swimsuit if not potty trained. Lap Swim: Use this time to swim laps, water walk, or deep end water walk with a flotation belt. Open Swim: For safety purposed, we urge parents to supervise their children if they are not strong swimmmers. Children six and under MUST be accompanied in the water by an adult. Family Swim: A special time for families to swim together. All children must be supervised by an adult in the pool. Adults may be in the pool during this time without their children.

Child Care

There is NO charge for child care. Limit of two hours.
Morning - Early Afternoon Hours
Mon - Thur 8-12:30
Fri & Sat 8-11:30

Evening Hours
Mon. - Thurs. 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Parents must remain in the Facility. child Care Room is for 6 weeks - 6 years old. No use of Child Care Room outside of scheduled and staffed times.