Swim Lessons

Swimming is one of the only sports that could save your life!

Teaching your child how to swim is one of the most important skills we teach at the Y. We offer lessons from ages 6 months thru adult.



Swim Starters:

Parent/child - (6 mo. - 3 yr old) - A water discovery & exploration class. Children are accompanied in the pool by an adult (one child per adult). All children (not potty trained) are required to wear a swim diaper and a swim suit.

PRESCHOOL (Ages 3-5)

Swim Basics:

Water acclimation, movement, stamina, and stroke introduction classes.

Levels #1 & 2 Beginner skills (Formerly - Pike)

Levels #3 & 4 Intermediate skills (Formerly - Eels)

SCHOOL AGE / TEEN & ADULT (Ages 5-Adult)

Swim Strokes:

Skills to promote a healthy lifestyle. Water acclimation, movement, stamina, stroke introduction, stroke development, and stroke mechanics classes.

Levels #1 & 2 (Formerly - Polliwog)

Level #3 (Formerly - Guppy)

Level #4 (Formerly - Minnow)

Level #5 & 6 (Formerly Fish / Flying Fish)


Specialized tracks:

Competition: Otters Swim Team

Leadership: (future pathway)

Recreation: (future pathway)

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First Class

  • Free Parent/Child swim lessons
  • Free Parent/Child tumbling
  • Free Child YMCA Membership

Program is for 6-mo. infants up to three-year olds (program ends on child’s 3rd birthday). First Class provides three free 7-week sessions of Parent/child swim lessons and tumbling. For more information on First Class call the Y.