2024 Co-Ed Volleyball

The Clinton Community YMCA is excited to announce Co-Ed Volleyball in 2024! 

Below are links to the information, as well as the registration form for your teams! 


Co-Ed Volleyball Info

Co-Ed Volleyball Rules

Roster & Waiver

Season Game Schedule (click here to download a copy)

Sunday, January 14th   Sunday, February 18th
1pm = Martin vs Lynch   1pm = Hickman vs Suzewits
2pm = Wrage vs Suzewits   2pm = Lynch vs Imig  
3pm = Imig vs Hickman   3pm = Martin vs Wrage
Sunday, January 21st   Sunday, February 25th
1pm = Suzewits vs Martin   1pm = Lynch vs Martin
2pm = Wrage vs Imig     2pm = Suzewits vs Wrage
3pm = Hickman vs Lynch   3pm = Hickman vs Imig
Sunday, January 28th   Sunday, March 3rd
1pm = Martin vs Hickman   1pm = Imig vs Wrage  
2pm = Lynch vs Wrage   2pm = Lynch vs Hickman
3pm = Imig vs Suzewits    3pm = Martin vs Suzewits
Sunday, February 4th   Sunday, March 10th = Tourny  
1pm = Suzewits vs Lynch    
2pm = Imig vs Martin      
3pm = Wrage vs Hickman    

Sunday, February 11th
* No games