Registration for Camp 2023 will begin on April 1st. 

Pre k Camp (Clinton)

Camp Osage

Monticello Y-Zone Summer Camp

“How To Register”:

  • Online Method – to register online, follow these steps.  
    • Step 1 – Access the Clinton Community YMCA online registration webpage by clicking the online registration for the camp that you wish to register.  Click "log in". If you do not already have an account on our membership software, you will more than likely need to either click “set up a new account” or “I do not know my credentials” and follow the prompts to set up your account (note: you do not need to get a membership in order to get an account...just click non-member and unclick the other boxes).  Once your account is set up, future log ins and online registrations will be more streamlined.   
    • Step 2 - Check the "Date(s)" box and then "Register Selected".  You will only be paying the registration fee at this time, so continue following the prompts in order to get to your payment information.
    • Step 3 - We will still need you to fill out a paper copy of the registration packet to have on file with our camp staff, so please print off a copy of the registration form or grab a copy from the Y (Monticello Y-Zone if registering for that camp) and turn in at the proper location.
  • In Person – Camp registrations can be completed at the Welcome Center / courtesy desk which is located as soon as you enter the main entrance of the YMCA.