Monday 5:45pm-6:45pm  Wednesday 6:15-7:15pm  Friday 6:30am-8:00am

The Clinton Masters Swim Club is a program designed for thosw swimmers who are looking for a community of like-minded adults weeking similar aquatic goals. We will have posted workouts, swim logs to track distance and progress, short term and long term training goals, club competitions, fundraisers and social events to participate in. All attendance and participation levles are on an individual commitment basis. 

While these times are designated for club-only swimmers to be led through a workout, club members will be able to complete the posted workouts or distance goals during any open swim hours throughout the week. 


  • Must be 18+
  • Must have active membership in good standing.
  • Must be able to swim one length of the pool (25 yards) without stopping.
  • Must be comfortable submerging face and swimming in deep water.